Holy smokes!  That’s a lot of birthday candles!  That’s right:  we’ve reached another significant milestone!  The nurses just shared that the 600th mother has chosen life!  600 mothers empowered to choose life and 600 babies saved!  Thanks to those courageous mothers — some who may not even know that today is the somber anniversary of a decision giving them the so-called “right to choose” — who have felt empowered to choose life for their unborn.

This is certainly a big milestone for us!  600 moms and babies in 6+ years!  What a feat, and we couldn’t do it without the prayers and support of our many faithful supporters:  from our generous donors to the nurses, volunteers, board, and staff.  This is truly a momentous occasion — not only for the nation as we offer a prayer for the legal protection of the unborn — but also for the greater InnerVisions HealthCare family!

In our most recent email, we asked for help funding a computer, which S.S. and D.G. helped fund it — thank you!  Now we’re asking for:

But today is a day to celebrate, the hundreds — in fact, six hundred! — of mothers who have chosen life.  May God bless them and their beautiful babies, like these:

P.S. If you feel called to make a gift in honor of these 600 mothers, would you consider a one-time gift of $60, $600, or $6,000 today to help the next 600 mothers choose life?!

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