Welcome to Autumn!  How does IVHCare honor “Respect Life” Month? Just like every other month of the year — by empowering moms and saving babies!

In case you missed the summer newsletter, you can view it here, as well as the 2017 Annual Report.  We’re so thankful to all of the patients and the supporters who helped make 2016 such a successful year!

Our success — guided by the Holy Spirit — has continued in 2017.  In July, InnerVisions HealthCare saw a record number of patients (72)…that is, until August, when 76 patients came to visit!  The trend is moving in the right direction, and it means that word about IVHCare is reaching those in need of the many free programs and services offered.  Here’s one of our newer ads:

In October, we reflect on what it means to “Respect Life”. Plan B does not Respect Life, but Plan C does.  C is for Compassionate Care.  At IVHCare that starts with serving ‘the woman’.  Her decisions (regretful they may be) do not affect the compassionate and non-judgmental medical care she receives here.  We’re going to “Care’ for her and share important, truthful, and medically-accurate information with her because she deserves the best.

It’s also that time of year when companies are encouraging participation in the United Way Campaign.  We’d be honored if you’d consider supporting InnerVisions HealthCare through United Way.  Our EIN# is 45-3790483; let us know if you need help finding us among the list.

Also, do you work at Principal or Wells Fargo?  In the last two weeks, we’ve been contacted about matching employee funds or benefactors who want to donate part of their paycheck directly through those companies.  Every little bit helps in our mission of empowering women and saving babies!

Finally, we’ve posted photos of our first ever appreciation event for our monthly donors, called Bucks for Babies.  Check them out here!

Wishing you a blessed Fall and an outstanding October!

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