It’s sometimes difficult to explain what we do at IVHCare, since we’re meeting with abortion-minded women, yet we don’t perform abortions.

But, when explaining *why* we do what we do…that’s easy!  Our simplified mission is to “empower women and save babies”, but we know that we cannot save the life of the baby without providing for the medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of that at-risk mother.  And so, our programs and services have developed over the years in response to the needs of the community — mostly that at-risk young woman — and we remain committed to that compassionate and non-judgmental health care.

We saw this article the other day, and it perfectly articulates our motivation, especially these passages:

“At first, they don’t really ‘get’ why we don’t charge anything. I want them to know that our sole motivation is, and I tell them. The reason we exist is to give young women in an unplanned pregnancy the truth. The full and entire truth. I tell these women, “We can’t control what you do when you walk out the door, but you are going to get the entire truth from us. And we don’t make one dollar regardless of what you decide. Our only motivation is giving you the truth.”

And then this:

“I believe it helps to build trust when pregnancy center patients understand our motivation. Sometimes they ask, ‘how do you support this place?’ I explain that there’s a lot of volunteers and a lot of donors… I mention that some of our volunteers are women — and men — who had an abortion in their past and give their time to try to prevent the same devastation in someone else. ‘What a beautiful thing they do with their pain and regret, to try to help young people avoid the same tragic mistake.’ This helps to educate our patients about the long-term ramifications of the decision they’re making.”

Now, it’s of course impossible to do all of this work without a dedicated core of visionary board members, generous volunteers, competent staff, and faithful supporters, so thanks to all who help us in our life-affirming mission!

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