Yesterday, Ashley Bratcher from the Movie Unplanned visited InnerVisions South to present her second scholarship to Des Moines’ very own, Sarah Hurm!  

So, quick back story:  following the movie Unplanned, Ashley — who had experienced her own unplanned pregnancy as a single, working mom — approached Heartbeat International to set up a scholarship for moms who had come through pregnancy clinics who wanted to continue their education.  

When InnerVisions became aware of this, we applied for Sarah Hurm, who’s youngest son will turn 2 in the coming months.  Despite difficult life circumstances and with the intervention of our medical director, Dr. Greg McKernan of Vitae Family Clinic, Sarah chose life for him, and then recently decided to finish a license as a massage therapist. 

Fast forward to yesterday:  Ashley flew to Des Moines from Atlanta (we blame her for the snowy weather!) to present Sarah with a scholarship to cover her tuition and books, an $11,700 value!  

Heartbeat International has published a story, but we wanted to share with you one of the many reasons to be thankful this holiday season!

To learn more about the Unplanned Movie Scholarship, click here.

Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!

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