It’s hard to believe that our gala was already 2 weeks ago!

We have a quick gala recap here, but what’s more is the outpouring of support – not just financial, but also through notes of encouragement and inspiring messages about becoming more engaged as volunteers and ambassadors.  Thank you for being part of our extended InnerVisions family!!

Now, some sobering news in light of great hopes!

As you have heard by now, the SCOTUS decision in the case of Dobbs vs Jackson is set to come down any day.  Last week, the leadership team at InnerVisions became aware of coordinated, nationwide attacks of pregnancy clinics and resource centers, especially after our partner, Agape, was vandalized during our gala on June 2nd.  The organization is called Jane’s Revenge.

Our leadership team has worked around the clock the last few days to update, improve, and enhance our security systems and policies to ensure that we are prepared for any potential attack.  If you’re interested in learning tangible ways you can assist — even after a potential attack — please reach out.

In the meantime, if you drive by our clinics during the day and night, keep an eye out as a form of neighborly vigilance.  And, we have three specific prayer intentions:

  1. Pray for the pregnant women in need of our services, that any sort of vandalous attack doesn’t prevent them from making it to our clinic doors; 
  2. Pray for our staff, especially the leaders making decisions and the nurses/advocates who serve our patients; 
  3. Pray for those planning on or carrying out the vandalism, that they may either change their mind beforehand, or repent and join our Christ-centered, life-affirming movement afterwards.

Since this is Gala month, if you have a donation that you’d like to make, know that we could use some additional funds to help improve our security systems, too.

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