Our purpose, cause, and passion at InnerVisions HealthCare is to empower women to make life affirming choices. Our niche is being the most comprehensive medical education for unplanned pregnancies.

Some years ago, a team of prayer supporters was inaugurated to specifically pray for the needs and intentions of the InnerVisions HealthCare mission: for her patients, staff, volunteers, and donors. Members would agree to pray for the clinic on a particular day each week, and would receive periodic email blasts with specific intentions from our interactions with the patients we serve. 

We are grateful to know many of you both on this team and beyond have been consistently praying for our clinic! We have seen the power of your prayers in our ministry life many times over, and have shared some of these “glory stories” with you through the years at our events, through our mailings, or in person.

For those who have been with us since the beginning, you may know the type of patient we see has changed significantly since our conception. When the prayer team originally started, many of our patients were planning to parent and connect with an OB provider. We saw some who were abortion-minded as well. Today, the majority of patients that InnerVisions sees are those who are either planning on having an abortion or have an abortion scheduled. How hungry they are for the light of Jesus and the joy of the Gospel, as given through our medical resources and encouraging staff members!

We need intentional prayers now more than ever to support our ever-shifting client needs! We are asking for a renewal of commitment to prayer from those already involved in our prayer team, and for new members to join our email thread. We will be sending out weekly email updates with prayer requests, glory stories, and the occasional scripture reflection. Our hope is these emails will bless those who read them with an inside look at our clinic life, and shed light on some of the real-life experiences of the women we work with (confidentially). They will also serve to relay glory stories of the tangible ways your prayers are changing the atmosphere and the lives of these women and babies in need!

We are also asking for intentional prayer partners to choose a day of the week they will offer a prayer for our patients, team, and donors. If you are already doing this, we would love to know who you are and when you pray. That way we can share some of the specific fruits the Lord will bear through your prayers, and be encouraged to continue to fight the good fight.

Please click the link below to be added to the prayer chain. 

Know you are daily in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and yours!

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