This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad (Ps 118:24)

Roe is no more!  

By now, you’ve heard that the SCOTUS delivered their decision — just this morning! — in Dobbs v Jackson, reversing the Roe v Wade decision.  Some of us have been waiting since the leaked document in early May; some have been waiting for 50 years since Roe was first decided.  And, of course, we mourn the loss of nearly 64 million unborn lives.  

This is a momentous decision for the lives of the unborn around the country, as we await state and local legislators to react to the decisions.

We thank all of those politicians, lawyers, and lobbyists who have helped make this day possible.

But, at InnerVisions, we remain committed to “loving them both”. 

Our mission does not change today.  

And so, how does this decision impact the boots-on-the-ground for us at InnerVisions?  First, we anticipate increased traffic with more women in vulnerable situations thinking they have no where else to go.  As we await the legislative efforts of neighboring states, we anticipate an influx of abortion-minded patients to central Iowa, and thus, InnerVisions.

Secondly, a target remains on our backs, or more specifically, the windows of our clinics.  In last week’s message, we shared about the security threats we’re facing, so for this weekend, we ask that you consider two call-to-actions:

  1. Pray:  like we asked last week, pray for all involved, that both our physical properties and physical bodies will protected from harm.
  2. Security Underwriting:  we’ve already received some donations to underwrite the cost to hire both private security and off-duty law enforcement to guard and protect the physical buildings.  Each night, it costs roughly $700 to cover both clinics.  And, we’re looking at coverage for the next 10 days.  Can you help us?

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