WE DID IT!  Thanks be to God!

InnerVisions South is finally open, after many months of extra prayers, work, and financial gifts.

In fact, at the Inaugural Open House in late October, I made comments about *stretch marks*.

Because I’m a nurse, I like to look at things from a medical perspective.  *Stretch marks* form on the body when there’s rapid growth, for instance during adolescence or pregnancy. 

This metaphor is helpful for us.  Aside from the obvious connection to being a medical clinic for women with unplanned pregnancies, we in the InnerVisions family have *figurative* stretch marks.  We have grown rather rapidly over the past 18 months, leading up to this ribbon cutting: 

The board, staff, and I have stretched ourselves professionally – in ways we’ve never had to before. 

Our volunteers were asked to work longer hours, to do some heavy lifting, and to respond to various needs they weren’t used to. 

And our donors made financial gifts that stretched themselves in order to help us complete the “Giving Hope Capital Campaign”, which includes the build out of our second clinic, InnerVisions South.   

For that, we thank you so much, especially during this month of *Thanksgiving*

If you haven’t had a chance to tour the clinic, we invite you to schedule a time to tour InnerVisions South.  We look forward to hearing your feedback on the building itself and to sharing with you the impact we envision it to have for years to come. 

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