Happy Easter!

“We replace despair with hope“. 

That’s one of our simplified mission statements.  And the Resurrection is the summit of that, as NT Wright refers to in the quote above.

At Easter, we commemorate the “Greatest Story Ever Told”.  At InnerVisions, we have great stories every day!  Pregnant patients who find themselves in vulnerable situations come to us for education, empowerment, and encouragement.  

But, we are getting push back.  Headlines like this have popped up in our Google Alerts:

Yes, we’re open still despite the coronavirus because the lives of our pregnant moms and unborn babies are essential, and so we’re an essential service!  (Aren’t all lives essential?!?)

Some of you have reached out and asked “how can my economic stimulus check help the women at IVHCare?”  We’ve also received two “planned gifts”, as the pandemic has given donors an opportunity to look at their wills and retirement plan beneficiary designations.  We’re grateful for these generous gifts!!

  • If you want info on planned giving, please let us know.
  • If you want to designate a portion of your economic stimulus check, would you consider a gala gift?  We’re still seeking gala sponsorships, as well as table patrons.  We may have to pivot our event, and have some ideas on how to make this a unique gala in support of our clinic.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

We just posted a marketing update, but our director of marketing is so excited to roll out a new texting platform for our patients.  If you want to check out the new platform, then do this:

Know of our prayers for you during this Easter season, a period of hope, which we have provided to the more than 950 abortion-minded women who have changed their minds.

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