Some Christians celebrate Easter for 1 day; some for 8 days; and some for 50 days, until Pentecost.  Some even view every Sunday as a “mini-Easter”.  Well, however long you celebrate the Feast of the Risen Lord, we wish you a Happy Easter!

In certain circles, a traditional hymn is sung during these holy days.  It’s taken from the Latin Victimae Paschali laudes, with the English rendered as Christians, to the Paschal Victim.  In it are these words:

Mors et vita duello
conflixere mirando:
dux vitae mortuus,
regnat vivus.

A literal translation is:

Death and life contended
in a spectacular battle
the dead leader of life
reigns alive.

Of course, we know that Christ wins the battle — “and reigns alive” — in the end, but the “spectacular battle” sometimes seems lost, especially as we gaze on the “the dead leader of life” on Good Friday.
Aren’t we who participate in this life-affirming work day in and day out in the same boat? 

Our nursing staff suffers defeats when they hear pregnant moms terminating their pregnancies. 

Our legislative efforts seem worthless when pro-choice bills are passed.
Despite “death and life contending” in this world, let us have hope, for in the Resurrection, we know the Final Battle is won. 

And thanks be to God there are small victories along the way that provide hope and keep us fighting for life.  Victories, like Sarah, who will share her story with us at the 2022 gala.  
During this Easter Season, we’re so grateful to you and yours for being involved in this noble battle for life!

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