We occasionally share with our supporters very specific requests. Recently, we shared our need for a defibrillator and sound machines in our exam rooms. Other donors generously funded those, so we thought these other items might be of interest to the wonderful family of generous IVHC supporters!

Paper Shredder

With our new patient process, we’re shredding more sensitive information, and could use 2 heavier duty shredders. There’s one that we like for $170. Can someone fund both of them?

Christian Resources
Again, with our new patient process, we’re offering our patients a Christian Resource (one of three books, based on their preference) as part of the free services that they’re receiving. Can you fund a year’s worth of those for $300 ? (This would be perfect for a bible study of a group of people!)

Radio & Digital Ads
We are running some aggressive radio & digital ads to reach the most abortion-minded patients, and would welcome your help to underwrite these marketing costs. With a $300 gift, you could help fund a few ads. Can we count on 5 donors to assist?

COVID Supplies
We’ve continued our medical protocols in 2021, adapting to the pandemic, and we estimate about $100 per month in hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, more gloves, masks, etc. Can 10 donors cover each remaining months of 2021?

Medical Director Stipend
As a medical clinic, we have a medical director, Dr. Greg McKernan, who signs off on all of our policies and procedures. He’s a wonderful man, and we give him an annual stipend, and wanted to invite a few of you to help underwrite it. If you’re interested in helping with that, let us know.

Gift Cards
In order to assist mamas with urgent requests, an arsenal of gift cards is really helpful. Gift cards for gas, groceries, general stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) and food places (like Subway) are really helpful for us, and you’d be surprised how those can help an abortion-minded mother change her mind. Can we get 25 gift cards in $10-$15 increments?

Postage Stamps
As we prepare for gala invites and other spring/summer mailing projects, we could use 50 rolls of stamps. Can we count on you?

Volunteer Advocates & Receptionists
With the implementation of our new patient process which uses schedulers, receptionists, patient advocates, and nursing staff, we have filled our slots, but would like to expand our volunteer corps! If you’re interested in learning more about ways you can get involved in the day-to-day with our patients, reach out to nurse Brooke!

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