We hope that you’re having a nice summer.  Despite the continued pandemic and its effects on our daily lives, we’d love to hear from you about how you’re coping and enjoying the summer. 

A quick update from InnerVisions.  Through the first two quarters of 2020 — despite the pandemic — our pregnancy patient traffic was 20% *ahead* of 2019 through the same time period.  In other words, our mission continues strong as ever.

And, please say a prayer for our nursing staff, as they’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  Sex trafficking, domestic abuse, and a patient in the “missing persons” database, not to mention there was a support person with a warrant out for his arrest in our waiting room.  The proper law enforcement officials were contacted, but it was a tough period for our nursing staff.

Some of you have expressed interest in supporting particular aspects of our mission, and so we wanted to share with you our…

**Summer Wish List**

Broken HVAC 

Last week, there was a power outage on the South side, and it fried some of our HVAC equipment.  Fortunately, the good folks over at Lazer came and fixed it, but it was about $800. The good news is the A/C is working again!  Can you help us pay for that bill?

Conference Room Cabinet

Now that we’re in the new South clinic, we’d like to “spruce” it up a bit, and one thing we need in the conference room is a nice dry erase marker board and cabinet combo (like the one here) to match the one we have at the West clinic.  Are you interested in underwriting that for us?

Radio & Digital Ads

We are running some aggressive radio & digital ads to reach the most abortion-minded patients, and would welcome your help to underwrite these marketing costs.  With a $300 gift, you could help fund a few ads.  Can we count on 5 donors to assist?

COVID Supplies

This is something we should have come to you sooner about.  As with most medical organizations, it’s been costly to adapt to the COVID precautions.  We estimate about $200 per month in thermometers, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, more gloves, masks, etc.  Can 5 donors cover each remaining month of 2020?

Medical Director Stipend

As a medical clinic, we have a medical director, Dr. Greg McKernan, who signs off on all of our policies and procedures.  He’s a wonderful man, and we give him an annual stipend, and wanted to invite a few of you to help underwrite it.  If you’re interested in helping with that, let us know.

Gift Cards

In order to assist mamas with urgent requests, an arsenal of gift cards is really helpful.  Gift cards for gas, groceries, general stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) and food places (like Subway) are really helpful for us, and you’d be surprised how those can help an abortion-minded mother change her mind.  Can we get 25 gift cards in $10-$15 increments?

Postage Stamps

The summer time is usually when we start running low on postage stamps, and so, we could use a few generous souls to bring a roll or two to the clinic.  Can we count on you?

Volunteer Receptionist

Our South side clinic is desperately in need of volunteers on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  Our staff is ready to re-open, but we don’t have enough volunteer receptionists to assist.  Are you a people-person, who feels called to be the first person an abortion-vulnerable mama sees when she walks into the clinic?  If so, let Sammy know you’re interested!

We hope you see something that you might want to help with!  Many thanks, in advance, for your continued generosity towards our mission!!

 With humble gratitude,

Theresa, Bryan, and the IVHCare staff

P.S. Ultrasound models needed….

 One of our new nurses is getting ultrasound trained (thanks Focus on the Family & St. John’s (Adel) Knights of Columbus!!), and we need models the week of August 17-21.

If you’re going to be between 6 and 20 weeks pregnant, and want to help our nursing staff train — oh, and see you’re little one! — then give us a call today:  515-440-2273.

Limited slots available, but we could really use your help!

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