At our gala in June, we shared the exciting news about our expansion to the south side with a *second* location!  As we’ve continued planning, we’ve made a wish list.  Could you do one or two of these items?  Or, maybe your group or organization could come together and fundraise for one of these projects?  Let us know if you have any ideas.

Gift Cards
Our gift card supply has dwindled, and we could really use  $10-$25 increments of the following:  Casey’s, Fareway, HyVee, Kum & Go, Office Depot, QuikTrip, Subway, Target, and Walmart.  These are really important for our patients who haven’t had a meal in days or need gas money or don’t have clothing.

$80 Bus Tickets
A few weeks ago, one of our vulnerable patients came to us and said that her father had passed away and that she didn’t have the financial resources to get a bus ticket to NE Iowa to attend the funeral.  We bought the tickets, and she was so grateful!  These are the types of things we’re able to do when we have some additional resources, and it builds our rapport with at-risk women.

$400 STD & Educational Brochures
We purchase our STD & Educational brochures annually from a pro-life organization and it’s that time to make the purchase again.  These help explain what the medical risks are in being sexually active before marriage, and so it’s important in our sexual integrity program.

$600 Computer
Back in May, we purchased a computer for Theresa, our new Executive Director.  Would anyone like to underwrite that purchase, knowing that her work on it will contribute to saving many lives as we continue our expansion efforts?

$750 Paint Interior of WDM Clinic
After 7 years, it’s time to get a repainting of the current West Des Moines campus, and we found a friend who is willing to paint for a very reasonable price.  Who wants to fund the touch up?

$1,500 Google Tour
As we continue to improve our Google searchability to reach abortion-minded women, this is an important step.  Check out the Google Tour and then you can “virtually walk” through the clinic!  How many more lives will this save and you can help fund it!  Since it went live in April, we’ve had over 6,500 views!

$2,200 Technology for Patient Portal
As we transition to Electronic Medical Records, we are purchasing new technology to improve our patient care and continuity between the two campuses.  We need new technology equipment — computers and tablets — at both locations.  Can you help underwrite the technology?

$2,500 Cal Thomas
Famous print journalist, Cal Thomas, joined us in June for our annual Gala and did a great job!  Can you help underwrite his talk and travel expenses while he was here in Des Moines?

$5,000 Month of Marketing
Our ability to reach the abortion-minded woman is so critical to our success.  Our nurses work really hard, day in and day out, but if we’re not there 24/7, responding to texts, emails, and phone calls…if we’re not actively pursuing potential patients through digital and traditional marketing, then we won’t have full schedules to complete our mission of empowering women and saving babies.  Can your group underwrite a month’s worth of marketing, which generates about 75 patients?

$6,500 nurse ultrasound training
Our nurses require professional training and yearly, ongoing education.  Every year, we train a group of nurses on ultrasound, and the cost for the 2 week training is $6,500, but that training and education continues remotely for about 6 months.  We plan on doing the next training in the fall/winter as we want to have more trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound on hand for the second location.

$15,000 for Electronic Medical Records
Our nurses and receptionists are excited — and anxious! — to transition to the new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) this month.  This will provide for a greater continuity of care, since we want to avoid shuffling paper charts from IVHCare West to IVHCare South.  This one-time fee with Aprima gets us access to all of the portals, registration, patient in-take forms, build out, training, etc.  There will be an ongoing cost (as per usual) with EMR, but that’s a third of this first-time fee.  Can your group or organization help underwrite our EMR?

We are taking the “ask and you shall receive” approach.  These are big projects, but we have an even bigger God who trusts us with being good stewards and good instruments.  Thank you for trusting us to help at-risk women make life-affirming decisions, and thank you for making a financial gift to offset one of these projects!

Oh, and did you see this awesome video of a recent announcement?!

With gratitude for your generosity!

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