A few days ago, we celebrated Memorial Day, an occasion to commemorate those who have fallen defending the Life, Liberty, and Happiness of our great United States!  Sadly, we’ve been fighting another war since 1972, with millions of children losing their lives because of abortion.  At IVHCare, we’re keenly aware of the challenging decisions that mothers with unplanned pregnancies face, which is why we try to meet them where they are with free medical resources, programs and services…and we do so with love and compassion.

In one week, we welcome Cal Thomas to Des Moines as the keynote speaker for our 7th Annual Gala!  Cal is a true American, who has been fighting for “Life, Liberty, and Happiness” since his early days in the journalism industry.  His columns and books permeate that mantra, and his recent article on Ireland (posted yesterday) continues to shed light on the life issue.

We’re delighted to announce the full slate of Sponsors for this year’s gala!  Nearly 30 businesses, corporations, and organizations have publicly declared their support for the life-affirming mission of IVHCare.  We thank these Sponsors and invite you to please support them because they support us!  And send them a note of gratitude because they have supported us!

We’re going to have a full banquet hall with nearly 700 guests at next week’s gala.  We’ll also share some exciting updates with the guests, and we look forward to seeing you there!

If you’re not able to attend, feel free to make a gala gift or download the “Handbid” app and peruse the silent auction items.  By using a virtual silent auction platform, guests who aren’t able to attend can still be “present” by bidding on some amazing packages!  More to come!

Wishing you a blessed June!

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