“Stacy” is a 16 year old, sophomore at a local Des Moines high school.  She had known for a few weeks that she was pregnant, but feared telling her parents because of their reaction — and when she did tell them, they were not supportive.  They were shocked and disappointed.  They scheduled an abortion.

She confided in a friend’s mom who was supportive and helped her make an appointment at InnerVisions.  She visited with our clinic nurses the day before her scheduled abortion appointment.

Our nurses counseled her on her rights and supplied her with the important medical and legal information to present to her parents.  This delayed the abortion appointment.  The following week, we performed an ultrasound and she got to see her beautiful baby; she was 13 weeks along and she got to fully see her baby’s head, hands, feet and beating heart!

With a renewed sense of empowerment, she was able to confidently tell her parents her decision to continue with the pregnancy,

While Stacy’s story is unique, she’s not alone.  We see young girls and women come through our clinic doors every day with stories similar to Stacy’s. We pray that they all turn out like Stacy’s did, but when they don’t, we continue to pray.

In this season of thanks, we have two donors who are going above and beyond.One 11 year old boy in Ankeny is selling home-made apple pies and donating the proceeds to IVHCare.

And, a dedicated supporter in West Des Moines is selling beautiful, hand-sewn baby blankets, bibs, etc. and donating the proceeds.  “The Snuggle is Real” is a boutique line benefiting IVHCare.  What a neat idea!

There are no pies left, but there are plenty of baby packages, and it’s a perfect season for that!  If you’re interested in buying a gift for one of our patients or for a friend/family member, visit our webpage and contact Bonnie.  Available while supplies last.

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