Join us in Celebrating Life!! Today marks a wonderful milestone, as we rejoice with the 500 mothers who have chosen life! We are so grateful for their bold witness to embrace parenting and adoption!

And, we’re so thankful to our many friends and supporters who have sustained us! Without you, our nursing staff wouldn’t have been in the financial position to help the many vulnerable women who find themselves in crisis. Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

To commemorate this special occasion, we’re unveiling our new homepage and donation page! Our homepage hopes to attract more visitors and we plan on posting regular updates on the “news & events” tab that will allow you to share via social media (like Facebook).

Also, we’ve improved our online donation page, even offering our generous donors the ability to cover the processing fees to maximize their impact!  For those of you who are monthly supporters, we hope to be in touch soon to transfer you over to the new system, but if you’re eager to get signed up, let us know today.

Thanks for joining us in celebrating the 500 moms who have been empowered to choose life!

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