Prayer is an important part of what we do at IVHC.  Our nurses and staff meet regularly to pray for our patients, staff, volunteers, supporters, and benefactors.  At the end of each appointment, our nurses ask to pray for the patient.  We have a prayer team to whom we send important intentions when they arise.  Please offer a prayer for IVHC today, and add us to your prayer intentions.  And, if you’d like to be part of our prayer team, let us know:

Prayer For Life

O God, our Creator, all life is in your hands from conception until death. Help us to cherish our children and to reverence the awesome privilege of our share in creation. May all people live and die in dignity and love. Bless all those who defend the rights of the unborn, the handicapped and the aged. Enlighten and be merciful toward those who fail to love, and give them peace. Let freedom be tempered by responsibility, integrity and morality. Amen.

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